AERC Accepted Inspection Agencies perform annual inspections of AERC program participants, which may include Type 3 Attachment Manufacturer Participants and Accepted Calculation Entities.

How to Enroll:

#1 Prerequisites. To be approved, an IIA applicant must hold a current accreditation to ISO/EC 17020 by an eligible accreditation body (see AERC 400). Once accepted, IIAs, must meet the provisions in ISO 17065 regarding independence, transparency, confidentiality, and avoidance of conflicts.

#2 Get to know AERC and the role of IIAs. Familiarize yourself with AERC’s certification program by reviewing the certification standards relevant to IIAs.

Review AERC 301 and 400 documents

Review the AERC Membership and Certification Program Fees

(Optional) Complete and submit AERC Membership Application

#3 Submit enrollment application and pay enrollment fee. Reach out to the AERC Program Administrator to enroll in the program. Once the application is complete, the Program Administrator will issue an invoice to the IIA applicant in the amount of annual IIA participation fees. Upon payment, the Program Administrator will issue an Acceptance Agreement to the applicant for signature. Once the Acceptance Agreement is signed by both parties, the IIA is approved.

#4 Start working with window attachment manufacturers. Contact information for IIAs will be listed on the AERC website for manufacturer reference. IIAs may also use the AERC logo in accordance with the AERC Label & Logo Requirements for Use to indicate their acceptance and participation in the AERC Certification Program.