Material manufacturers participate in the AERC Certification Program by having an approved test lab measure the performance properties of their materials and submitting the performance data for listing in the CGDB Materials Library. Materials used in window attachment products must have material properties data listed in the CGDB or IGDB prior to simulation and certification of the window attachment product. Materials listed in the Materials Library of the CGDB can be submitted as temporary listings or full listings per AERC 1.1: Procedures for Determining the Optical and Thermal Properties of Window Attachment Materials.

Process Overview

The following graphic explains the general process for listing materials in the CGDB Materials Library:

Enrollment Procedure

# 1. Get to know AERC and understand the role of material manufacturers. Familiarize yourself with AERC’s certification program by reviewing the technical and certification standards relevant to material manufacturers.

a. Review the AERC 1.1 standard

b. Review the AERC Membership and Certification Program Fees

c. (Optional) Complete and submit AERC Membership Application

#2 . Register as a material manufacturer. Manufacturer may submit the CGDB Materials Library Manufacturer Registration Form to [email protected], providing company information as well as identifying a designated submitter – one person who is responsible for submitting materials to the CGDB Materials Library and acts as the main the point of contact for any submission-related questions.

#3 Pay participation fees and begin submitting materials. AERC reviews application and issues an invoice to the material manufacturer for participation fees. Upon payment, AERC authorizes manufacturer to submit material products for listing in the CGDB Materials Library.

Submitting to the GCDB Materials Library

Once you are enrolled as a material manufacturer, you can submit materials for listing in the CGDB Materials Library using the steps listed on the Complex Glazing Database page. Please review all CGDB policies prior to submission of any material listing to ensure you are following proper procedures.

Additional Resources

AERC Membership Information
AERC Technical and Certification Standards (Available at no cost to AERC Members)

Material manufacturer webinars

Enrollment webinar September 2017 (note: some program information is outdated)

Program Launch webinar March 2018

Enrollment and Certification – contact Intertek
Membership and general inquiries – contact [email protected].