Window attachment manufacturers can rate, certify, and label the energy performance of their residential window attachment products through the AERC Certification Program. Attachment manufacturers enroll as either Primary or Secondary Manufacturers. Primary Manufacturers must either enroll in an inspection regime (Type 3) or verification testing (Type 2) regime.

Process Overview

The following graphic explains the general process for certifying window attachment products:

Download AERC’s Certification One Pager to learn more about the certification process and how to get involved!

Enrollment Procedure

Prior to enrollment, a manufacturer should determine whether they are considered a primary or secondary manufacturer under AERC program requirements. Primary window attachment manufacturers manufacture product in their own facility and market them under their company name. Secondary attachment manufacturers do not manufacture the window attachment product in their own facility, and instead purchase the product from a primary manufacturer, but market it under their own brand name. The following steps describe the enrollment processes for primary and secondary window attachment manufacturers:

#1 Get to know the AERC Certification Program. Familiarize yourself with AERC’s certification program by reviewing the technical and certification standards relevant to attachment manufacturers. Identify whether you will be a primary and/or secondary manufacturer under the program requirements.

Read AERC 1, 1.2, 2, 300 and 400 documents to understand the technical and certification procedures and requirements.

AERC standards are available at no cost to AERC members. To access AERC standards, non-members can purchase them through the AERC website.

(Optional) Complete and submit AERC Membership Application

#2 Pick your product(s). Identify the eligible Phase 1 products your company would like to certify. Each product category has a unique set of characteristics that define a product listing. Features such as color, material type, and slat width may require a distinct listing. Review AERC 1 for a full accounting of what constitutes an individual product listing.

Primary Attachment Manufacturers should select the appropriate inspection framework (Type 2 or Type 3).

Type 2: Verification Testing

Certified window attachment products acquired on the open market or in accordance with the manufacturer’s supply chain and tested to verify specifications.

2-8 samples tested twice per year (4-16 annually).

Type 3: In-plant Inspections

Manufacturing plants producing certified products are subject to annual inspections.

Inspections performed by the Program Administrator (Intertek) or by an Accepted Independent Inspection Agency.

If already using an inspection agency, reach out to them to encourage them to enroll in the AERC program.

Secondary Attachment Manufacturers should contact their primary manufacturer to ensure their products are certified or that they plan to submit them for certification. Secondary manufacturers can only certify their products if the primary manufacturer certifies the primary listings.

#3 Enroll in the Certification Program. Contact the AERC Program Administrator, Intertek, about enrolling as a primary or secondary attachment manufacturer in the AERC Certification Program. To enroll, you will need to submit an enrollment application per the application instructions and guidance from Intertek.

#4 Pay enrollment fees. The final step to enrollment is paying the enrollment fees and certifying products. AERC members benefit from discounted enrollment and product listing fees. The Program Administrator will issue an invoice in the amount of applicable participation fees.

#5 Sign Acceptance Agreement and access CPD. Upon payment of fees, the Program Administrator will issue an Acceptance Agreement, which must be signed by the manufacturer and the Program Administrator. Once both parties have signed, the Program Administrator will grant the manufacturer access to the Certified Products Database (CPD) website. Log in and ensure all manufacturer information in the CPD is correct prior to submitting products for certification.

How to Certify

Once you are enrolled as a window attachment manufacturer, you can begin to certify window attachment products using the following steps. Primary Manufacturers submit Primary Listings and Secondary Manufacturers submit Secondary Listings.

Primary Listings

  1. Verify your materials. Confirm with your supplier that the materials or glazing used in the products your company would like to certify are listed in the Materials Library of the Complex Glazing Database (CGDB) or the International Glazing Database (IGDB). If they are not listed, discuss having them listed with your supplier. Glazing materials used in products such as storm windows should be listed in the IGDB through the National Fenestration Rating Council. All other materials (e.g. fabrics) should be listed in the CGDB.
  2. Request product simulation. Contact an AERC Accepted Calculation Entity (ACE) to discuss simulation services. You will need to share information about the product(s) you would like to rate and certify. A simulator will simulate the energy performance of your product according to the technical procedures detailed in the AERC standards to generate the required ratings, including Energy Performance (EP) ratings. To minimize simulation costs, products may be grouped according to grouping rules in AERC 1.
  3. Submit and pay listing fees. After the simulation process is complete and reviewed by the manufacturer, the ACE must submit a Certified Products Listing Report (CPLR) to the Program Administrator. The simulations will undergo review by the Independent Validator and the Program Administrator prior to acceptance. The Program Administrator will invoice the window attachment manufacturer for the independent validation services and listing fees.
  4. Certify and label. Once validated, approved, and all fees are paid, the Program Administrator and the manufacturer will sign an Authorization Agreement. Upon signature by both parties, the products are accepted into the program and will be listed on the AERC Certified Products Website (launch expected in May 2018). The manufacturer is permitted to use the AERC Energy Improvement label — in accordance with the Label & Logo Requirements for Use (to be finalized April 2018) — on their product packaging, website, advertising, and marketing collateral.
  5. Submit shading layers to CGDB Shading Layer Library. Once products are accepted, your ACE should submit the shading layers used to generate ratings to the CGDB Shading Layer Library.
    1. See Complex Glazing Database page for Shading Layer Library submission process.

Secondary Listings

  1. Contact primary manufacturer and sign Secondary Listing Agreement. Reach out to the primary manufacturer about getting their window attachment products certified. To have products certified under your name, they must be simulated and certified under the primary manufacturer’s name. Secondary listings can be submitted at the same time primary listings are submitted. Representatives from the primary manufacturer and secondary manufacturer must sign the Secondary Listing Agreement (ARC.300.SLA) form.
  2. Contact ACE to submit products for listing and pay listing fees. An ACE must submit a Certified Products Listing Report (CPLR) to the Program Administrator. If submitted concurrently with primary listings, secondary listings must reference the model number of the primary listings upon which they are based. If secondary listings are submitted after the primary listings are already certified, the submission must reference the corresponding CPD Numbers of the primary listings. Ideally the ACE who submits the primary listings will also submit secondary listings for certification, but the secondary manufacturer may work with the ACE of their choice. The Program Administrator will invoice the secondary manufacturer for the applicable secondary listing fees.
  3. Certify and label. Once validated, approved, and all fees are paid, the Program Administrator and the secondary manufacturer must sign an Authorization Agreement. Upon signature by both parties, the products are accepted into the program and will be listed on the AERC Certified Products Website (launch expected in August 2018). The manufacturer is permitted to use the AERC Energy Improvement label — in accordance with the Label & Logo Requirements for Use — on their product packaging, website, advertising and marketing collateral.

Additional Resources

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