AERC Members Leading Seminar on Window Attachment Economic and Comfortability Impact ‎at ASHRAE Winter Conference

AERC Members Leading Seminar on Window Attachment Economic and Comfortability Impact at ASHRAE Winter Conference

New York (December 2020) — The Attachments Energy Rating Council (AERC) member and window shading expert Mahabir Bhandari will chair a comprehensive seminar on window shading and energy saving measures at ASHRAE’s Winter Conference from February 9-11. The seminar, “Window Shading: How to Save Energy While Improving Occupant Comfort and Visual Environmental Quality” will offer attendees an expert look at the economic potential window shading and attachment products can offer. the session is focused on  how shading products can significantly enhance visual environmental quality by reducing glare. The presentations by  the industry experts include other AERC members Charlie Curcija, Ph.D., Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Stephen Mullaly, Product Test Engineer, Hunter Douglas.

“ORNL has collaborated with AERC for many years in order to rate and certify window attachment products across the industry,” said Bhandari. “The energy savings potential of these products is really remarkable, and we are looking to promote that to the industry and consumers alike.”

Additional topics in the seminar will cover “Energy Performance of Window Shading,” led by Curcija, and “How Rating Systems Drive Consumer Education and Energy Savings,” led by Mullaly. To the point of rating systems, the lack of performance ratings – measuring both energy savings potential and comfortability – was a long-time hindrance toward window attachment products realizing their market potential. However, AERC’s work to design and implement rating and certification standards has helped alleviate this issue. 

To date, AERC has certified a handful of consumer window attachment products, including Larson storm windows, Hunter Douglas cellular shades, and Hunter Douglas cellular roller shades. AERC is currently working to expand its certification program to include automated products. Additionally, AERC launched its Commercial Secondary Window Program in mid-2020. The commercial program demonstrates the potential of secondary windows and provides the industry with valuable data on the energy performance of these products, including U-factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), Visual Transmittance (VT), and Air Leakage.

To find more information about the ASHRAE Conference visit their website. For questions about AERC and their residential and commercial product certification program, contact [email protected].

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About the Attachments Energy Rating Council (AERC)

The AERC is an independent, public interest, non-profit organization whose mission is to rate, label and certify the energy performance of window attachments such as blinds, shades, shutters, and storm windows. AERC is made up of a diverse set of stakeholders, which include product and component manufacturers, non-profit organizations, government bodies, testing labs and utility companies. Partially funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), AERC provides accurate and credible information about the energy performance of window attachments, which helps the public–including homeowners, architects and builders—make informed decisions when it comes to buying window attachment products. To learn more about AERC certification or the AERC Energy Improvement Program, visit

December 28, 2020