Not quite sure what ‘window attachments’ are? You may have never heard the term before, but chances are that you’ve purchased them at one point or another.

Window attachments are products such as blinds, cellular shades, roller shades, roman shades, awnings, storm windows, solar screens and pleated shades, which can be attached to a window either internally or externally.

When added to existing windows, these attachments can improve energy performance, create a more comfortable environment, reduce glare, provide privacy and enhance the appearance of your home.

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Window Attachments vs. Window Treatments vs. Window Coverings

While these terms sounds the same, they are all used very differently.

You’ve probably heard the terms ‘window treatments’ or ‘window coverings,’ which usually refer to products used on windows inside of your home. The phrase ‘window attachments’ refers to these interior products, as well as products used on the exterior of the home and window film, which is applied directly to your window.

Window Treatments

‘Window treatment’ is a term that is usually used when speaking about interior design; a product  that enhances a room’s aesthetics. Therefore, the term ‘window treatments’ generally refers to products — such as drapes, curtains, blinds, shades and even window film— that are added to the inside of your home.

Window Coverings

The term ‘window coverings’ simply refers to any product that can be used to cover a window. Unlike the term ‘window treatments,’ ‘window coverings’ is not related to design and refers to both interior and exterior products.

Why Are Window Attachments So Important?

Window attachments are important additions to your home for many reasons, including the fact that they can help save energy and make your home more comfortable. Learn more about the advantages of window attachments here.

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