AERC’s mission is to ensure that the performance information provided to consumers via the AERC Energy Improvement label and website (currently available for residential products) is accurate, reliable and consistent. Each AERC certified product has been measured according to stringent standards and has been reviewed and accepted by AERC.



Window Attachment Manufacturers
Window attachment manufacturers can rate, certify, and label the energy performance of residential window attachment products through the AERC Certification Program.

Material Manufacturers
Material manufacturers participate in the AERC Certification Program by having an approved test lab measure the performance properties of their materials and submitting the performance data for listing in the Complex Glazing Database (CGDB) Materials Library. Materials used in window attachment products must have material properties data listed in the CGDB or International Glazing Database (IGDB) prior to simulation and certification of the window attachment product.

The simulator performs modeling and simulation services on behalf of window attachment manufacturers to generate window attachment ratings for AERC certification.

Test Laboratories
Test labs can participate in the AERC Certification Program in two ways – either through testing material properties or by testing performance properties of window attachments. In order to test and submit thermal and optical properties for the CGDB Material Properties Library, test labs must participate in the most recent inter-laboratory comparison (ILC) managed by LBNL. Test laboratories can also participate in the AERC rating and certification program by physically testing the performance properties of window attachments. Test labs must submit documentation supporting their ISO 17025 accreditation to conduct this testing.

Inspection Agencies
AERC Accepted Inspection Agencies perform annual inspections of AERC program participants, which may include Window Attachment Manufacturer Participants and Accepted Calculation Entities.


Rating and certification procedures for eligible window attachment categories are being developed in phases.

Certification open now:
Residential products include: Cellular Shades, Roman Shades Blinds, Roller Shades, Storm Windows, Solar Screens, and Pleated Shades

Commercial products include: Secondary Windows

In development:
Residential products include: Awnings, Roller Shutters

Longer-term consideration:
Residential products include: Window Quilts, Drapes, Louvered Shutters, Applied Window Films and Sheer Shades

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Certification Process

Program documents are currently being updated. Please contact AERC staff for certification information:

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Mike Radack
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AERC Service Providers

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