Many consumers think of windows as energy drains, and they may not consider window attachments as a viable solution for energy savings. By educating consumers on the benefits of window attachments, utilities have an opportunity to serve as a trusted advisor for selecting and purchasing energy efficient window attachments, which can also be integrated into smart home and other IoT pilots and programs.

Access resources and information related to AERC and the work AERC is doing. Learn about AERC and window attachments in general, as well as provide background information on activities conducted to evaluate the performance of window attachments.

Window Attachments Background Presentation

Describes window attachments and provides background and market information on AERC, energy savings potential, pilots, and other relevant utility-focused information.

Utility Briefing Document

Designed for utilties, explains the energy, non-energy, and financial benefits of window attachments. Describes the value AERC can provide utilities, and explains how they can get involved with AERC.

Utility Program Primer

AERC utility program overview that outlines the structure of successful retail window attachment pilot programs, effective marketing strategies, suggested program criteria, overall savings and cost-effectiveness, other program possibilities, and the challenges and lessons learned from previous pilots.

What Can Window Attachments Do for Me? 

Consumer infographic that shows what window attachments are and encourages the AERC label when purchasing window attachment products.