Window attachments can be used for many purposes. They can help control temperature, reduce glare, provide privacy and enhance the appearance or comfort of a home.


They help insulate your home

Insulation prevents the loss of heat and the intrusion of sound. When window insulation is poor, air can leak through the window, which can be detrimental when it comes to keeping your house or building warm (or cooler, if you have the air conditioning on). Window attachments, however, can help improve window insulation by reducing air leakage, keeping you warmer when it’s cold outside or cooler when it’s hot outside.

They add comfort to your home

Window attachments have the ability to increase the level of comfort in your home. How? During cold weather, some window attachments improve comfort by reducing air leakage, keeping the inside of your home warmer while, during hotter weather, some window attachments improve comfort by controlling solar heat gain and keeping the inside of your home cooler.

They allow you to control daylighting

Window attachments provide natural lighting during the day, which can be enhanced or blocked by window attachments. If less sunlight is desired, attachments such as shades can help reduce daylighting; on the other hand, attachments that redirect light, such as venetian blinds, can help to extend daylight deeper into a room.

They allow you to control glare

Window attachments that you can open and close, such as cellular shades and blinds, allow you to control glare with a simple adjustment. Exterior awnings control glare by shading windows and applied films permanently reduce glare by tinting the glass.

They help you control the warmth of your home

It goes without saying that windows allow sunlight to enter a room – which can cause unwanted warmth in your interior space. This is known as Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). Many window attachments allow you to control SHGC, and can be selected or adjusted depending on how much warmth is desired. On a cold winter day, you can let the light flow in and warm the space. In the summer, you can keep interiors cool by using a window attachment to block the sun.

They increase your privacy

Window attachments can provide you with the sense of privacy you desire. Some window attachment types lower from the top to allow for light, while preventing a direct line of sight into the home. This feature allows you to maintain privacy from passersby.

They add protection

Some window attachments protect windows from the elements (i.e. wind, rain and ultraviolet radiation). Other window attachments—such as applied window films—can also make it much harder for an intruder to break into a house by increasing the strength of a window. Exterior roller shutters, for example, often provide security as a primary function, as they help protect against intruders and inclement weather, such as hurricanes.

They absorb sound

Some window attachments, such as storm windows, can help to control noise, which may be important to you if you have a home on a busy city street.  Noise reduction is also highly dependent on the air tightness of the windo

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