AERC Manufacturer Enrollment Opens!

The AERC is proud to announce that enrollment for the AERC Energy Improvement Rating program has opened for window attachment manufacturers. The certification program is the result of many years of effort from manufacturers, non-profits, utilities, national labs, and the US Department of Energy. Enrollment now allows manufacturers to formally register with the program and begin the process of certifying products to AERC standards. Products with an AERC Energy Improvement Rating will help consumers save energy and make their homes more comfortable by selecting energy-efficient products.

Earlier this fall, the enrollment process was kicked off with a webinar for potential manufacturer participants. Check out the slides from the webinar for additional information about the program and enrollment.

AERC has additionally unveiled application instructions that walk manufacturers through the process of enrolling. This includes the completion of an online enrollment application, AERC Form ARC.300.A(e) Manufacturer Application for Participation.

The initial enrollment is currently limited to manufacturers of full window attachment products. Enrollment for component manufacturers is expected to begin later this fall.

October 17, 2017