Open for Certification!

The AERC certification program for residential Phase 1 window attachment products has officially launched!

Phase 1 window attachments include residential cellular shades, blinds (slat shades), roller shades, storm windows and panels, pleated shades, and solar screens.

Detailed information and resources for window attachment manufacturers and material manufacturers are available on the new Certification Program section of the AERC website.

As a first step toward submitting a certification package, window attachment manufacturers must formally enroll as an AERC Program Participant and provide all of the necessary administrative and background information. Manufacturers should concurrently reach out to their fabric and/or material suppliers to ensure they are pursuing measurements and listing of their materials in the Complex Glazing Database (CGDB) or International Glazing Database (IGDB) Materials Library as applicable for the material. Attachment manufacturers should also reach out to an Accepted Calculation Entity (ACE) to negotiate services for simulation of attachment products. ACEs will be responsible for submitting attachment products for certification on behalf of manufacturers. Interested manufacturers should Become an AERC Member for free access to standards and discounted certification rates.

As soon as your attachment products are submitted and approved by AERC, as demonstrated by a signed Authorization Agreement, you may label and market them as “certified” in accordance with the AERC Label & Logo Requirements for Use guidelines. The Certified Products Website will publicly display certified products upon launch (estimated in May).

Please feel free to reach out to AERC staff with questions at [email protected].

March 14, 2018