Successful Pilot Program for Storm Windows

Focus on Energy, an energy-efficiency group working with Wisconsin electric and natural gas utilities, carried out a pilot program discounting the purchase of low-e storm windows at local retailers.

Low-E storm windows have many energy saving benefits. Generally, storm windows improve efficiency by reduce the air leakage from the window making the home more airtight. This can mean less heat and/or AC going out the window. Low-E refers to a low emissivity coating applied to the storm window product. This coating allows certain light and heat energy into a building but also minimizes heat loss out of the building. In summary, like many efficient window attachment products, low-E storm windows can reduce the energy needed to heat a building in the winter as well as the energy needed to cool a building in the summer. Learn more about all types of windows attachments on the window attachment page on this site.

The program was a success. A 25% discount on the products was provided and low-E storm windows posted a 125% sales increase. Low-E market share was increased from 37% to 62% of the storm window market. This encouraging pilot is a great example of how incentivizing efficient products can transform a market place. Programs like the AERC Energy Improvement program help consumers continue to identify energy-efficient products when making purchasing decisions.

Check out the full report from Focus on Energy!

March 27, 2018